Natural Law 3

This is your resident Thomist bringing you a minute from the Bellowing Ox.

We have been discussing the natural law in our recent commentaries and again wish to focus on the 4th precept of the natural law that Thomas elucidates. It is living in society and knowing the truth about God.

Plato iterates that no human being can live on an island. We need shoemakers, car makers, doctors, cooks, and so on to have perfect society. No human being is born without society as the society of the family is what all are born to. We, by nature, are social animals.

This is why the recent ruling by the Supreme Court is so devastating and is an unjust law. It undermines society at its root, the family. This unjust law has undermined the security of the home. Children – the most vulnerable among us – have been abandoned to the whims of the passions of adults. The fallout from this will be seen in the very near future, but our culture is so blind that it will not blame the root. It will blame guns or poverty or lack of funding for the crimes of the next generation.

Fatherlessness, motherlessness, broken families, godlessness will all be ignored as the root of the problem. Deviate from the natural law and chaos ensues. Gird your loins for the chaos.