March Update

Posted by admin on March 13, 2014

We’ve had another exciting month on our journey to bring christian radio to Dubuque. The Holy Spirit is moving fast and we’re hoping to keep up!

The Holy Spirit has brought together the right group of people, and we have been blessed with the assistance of a couple of technical experts who have built a website for ACI. Eventually, we hope to start by streaming radio content from one of the major Catholic broadcasters (EWTN and Relevant Radio are on the radar) and then moving into the LPFM signal. Our approach is to walk before we run. A special thanks to Chris Polley for all of his hard work in developing this website, and the training he has given those of us with less technical capabilities. You can visit our newly constructed website at:

Along with this, we have also set up a dedicated server that has streamlined our processes, and given us a secure mail server list. You all should have received an email recently on how to sign up for our newsletter. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, but it is part of the process as we become more sophisticated in how we communicate with you. If you did not receive the email, you can send an email to and it will sign you up. We had a low sign up percentage the last time around, and we are still troubleshooting as these invites may be going to spam folders. We plan to send another invite out tomorrow that all you need do is reply to the email to sign up. If you do not see an email tomorrow, check your spam folder.

This month we had the luxury of meeting with some of the heavy hitters in the Iowa Catholic radio world. On consecutive weekends we were able to meet with Joe Teeling, the founder of Iowa Catholic Radio, and Mike Peters, the programming director for the same station. Joe told us how he was able to get ICR up and running and that he was impressed with the amount of support we already had here.

His exact words were, “the Dubuque market is a sleeping giant,” in the Catholic Radio world. He also mentioned that he hears numerous heartwarming stories of people who have returned to the faith because of Catholic Radio. ACI will not be just for Catholics, it will be for the fallen away, the agnostic, the Protestant, the pagan, the atheist, and all men and women of goodwill. We are on our way to being in the business of saving souls! We will need your help to get there. We have had numerous discussions asking the question, “What is the value of one soul that this radio reaches and brings back to Catholicism?” To which we have unanimously answered, “Infinite value!”

As noted, we also met with Mike Peters, who is a veritable expert in radio. He gave us a lot of helpful hints on how to start up the station, how to gain support, and how to present the Word so as to save souls. We have no doubt of the Holy Spirit’s influence in all of this. He is bringing us the experts at an alarming rate, and has brought together the right people to make this a reality.

We are also in the process of joining the Catholic Radio Association (CRA) (already voted and approved by the board), which will give us access to a whole range of experts. From owner/operators to producers to podcasters to attorneys, this will give us an invaluable resource for the challenges we will face.

The board also voted and approved the use of PayPal to accept donations on the website, so if the Spirit so moves you, feel free to visit the website and contribute to our cause. On top of all of this news, we have also decided upon a logo, and thanks to the help of Justine Rabbett, we now have our “Ox” logo. If you are curious as to why we have chosen the ox, when you sign up for our server, there is a description in the welcome of why the ox is our mascot. It comes from the life of our patron, Thomas Aquinas.

We have applied for 501c3 status, and are awaiting Provisional Status, which can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to be approved. We really need your prayers for this! Please take time to visit our Lord in Adoration to pray for this; ask the intercession of the Angelic Doctor; go to an extra mass and pray. We are hoping for a speedier approval of provisional status, and we absolutely need your prayers to speed this up. With the rapidity that the Holy Spirit has been moving, we are confident that this will happen quickly.

Sweetest Jesus, Body and Blood most holy, be the delight and pleasure of my soul, my strength and salvation in all temptations, my joy and peace in every trial, my light and guide in every word and deed, and my final protection in death. Amen. – Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.


Brad Markham
Communications Coordinator
Aquinas Communications, Inc.