FM 98.3 KCRD Parish Ambassadors

Parish Ambassadors connect their parish to FM 98.3 KCRD by helping us promote our events, and
keep us informed of parish events that serve the missions of both FM 98.3 KCRD Radio and the surrounding Christian community.

What Ambassadors Receive

Parish Ambassadors receive a special FM 98.3 KCRD Radio Ambassador name tag to be worn when representing FM 98.3 KCRD. They are listed on our website; and receive tickets to our Dinners in the Fall and Spring.

Parish Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Attend an Event Kick-Off to learn more about the program and connect with other FM 98.3 KCRD Radio Ambassadors.
  2. Personally submit our event notices to your parish office for inclusion in the weekly bulletin or as a special email announcement.
  3. Place and maintain a supply of FM 98.3 KCRD brochures, flyers, or posters in display areas at your parish.
  4. Inform FM98.3 KCRD of any church events can be promoted to our listeners.

How to Become an FM 98.3 KCRD Parish Ambassador

The first step is to simply call Tom Oglesby at 563-231-1210 or email toglesby@kcrd-fm.org