Does your vision match our mission?

Aquinas Communications is an apostolate of Catholic laity.

Our educational mission is loyal to the Catholic Church's Magisterial

Authority, to Sacred Tradition, and to Holy Scripture.

Aquinas Communications, Inc

Board of Directors

  • Tom Oglesby, President
  • Colleen Pasnik, Vice President

Board of Advisors

  • Deacon Travis King, KCRD Spiritual Director
  • Dick Bergeson, KCRD Development Director  
  • Chris Polley, KCRD Engineering and Operations Director  
  • Brad Markham, KCRD Membership Director    
  • Mike Gaffney, Recording Secretary Aquinas Communications, Inc.
  • Dick Bergeson, Director of Fundraising Aquinas Communications, Inc.
  • Chris Ehlers, KCRD Marketing
  • Jim Seitz, KCRD Fundraising