Submit an Announcement

Non-profit organizations may submit announcements for posting on the web site or to be carried on the air.  Aquinas Communications reserves the right to refuse or edit any announcement.  As a non-commercial, non-profit broadcaster we are restricted by FCC and IRS regulations as to the specifics of announcements or promotions we can air or publish.

Events must be open to the general public (i.e. not members-only events).

DO NOT include any information in your on-air announcement about ticket prices, sales/discounts, or promotional language of any kind. These may be included in the web site announcement or you may refer the listener to your organization's web site. FCC rules prohibit us from promoting on the air events involving the sale of items, including bake sales, yard sales, or non-profit hosted 'market style' sales event, however these may be posted on our web site.

Please submit your announcement at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the event, to allow for editing, approval, and production in addition to the display/broadcast period.  KCRD staff is all volunteer and may not immediately have time to process your submission.

All announcements are subject to approval, and publication or broadcast is not guaranteed.

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