About Us


Aquinas Communications is an independant non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Iowa, and is not formally affiliated with, formally approved by, or endorsed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dubuque. 

Our Logo

We chose our logo design and the name of our newsletter, “A Word from the Bellowing Ox,” based on a story from Thomas’ life. When Thomas Aquinas was in school, his fellow classmates would tease him and call him the “dumb ox.” This was due to two factors, Thomas being a rather large and awkward man, and his taciturnity. His teacher, St. Albert the Great, retorted to his classmates that, “One day that dumb ox will bellow so loud the whole world will hear him.” Popes throughout the centuries have given special place to the reasoning of Thomas Aquinas, and his thought holds a special elevated place in Catholic theology. Indeed, it has been said that he wrote in such a principled manner that he puts to rout all error that can ever occur. This is why we chose Aquinas as our patron, as our era is not one with a faith problem; it is one with a thinking problem. Thomas was also said to commune with the angels, who are the patrons of radio communication. Thomas himself is the “angelic doctor,” and so we could not resist choosing him as our patron.


In 2013, the FCC opened a Low Power FM application filing window, and the organization now known as Aquinas Communications was formed to request a permit to construct a radio station in Dubuque, Iowa.

 A permit application was filed, and on January 27, 2014 the FCC granted the permit. 

On February 24, 2015, 98.3 KCRD-FM began broadcasting Relevant Radio and EWTN programming to the Dubuque area. 


The web server software in use by Aquinas Communications was affected by the Heartbleed bug, but has been updated and security certificates have been reissued.  Although we do offer the use of a secure (SSL) connection, visitors generally do not use a secure connection and therefore are unaffected by this bug.

Visitors choosing to donate online via electronic check or credit card are connected to the PayPal site for that transaction, and they do not share any personal financial information with us.  To the best of our knowledge, PayPal's servers have not been affected by the Heartbleed bug, but visitors with concerns should contact PayPal directly.