“Three Young Atheists”

three young atheistsAustin, TX. Atheism is a growing problem, but it is an unnatural state to be in. For many, it comes with a sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness, and is a source of suffering. This report came from Deacons Guadalupe and Dan:

It was an incredible day to say the least! I met many people… I ran into three young atheists on two different occasions and had much success with them. They finally agreed to receive prayer. They are really searching for peace, justice, happiness, truth, freedom, etc. We have so many things in common… engaging in dialogue really disarms them. Two of them received a blessing and genuinely asked that God would open their hearts to know that He exists. They said that many people are praying for them. Spiritually, I felt I put them on my shoulders, as today’s gospel mentions. I will continue to pray for them!

God has quite the sense of humor… I would always avoid atheists since I always felt they ran circles around me with all their questions and arguments. Now I feel I have a calling to evangelize them!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Atheists are among those we encounter in public places all over the country, and they are in need of knowing their Creator and Redeemer. Pray for them, and pray for us as we reach out to them and anyone who approaches us! And consider joining a team yourself!