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Start your day off right by listening to Aquinas Communications. After hearing our life-affirming shows and music, you’ll have a positive attitude and feel God’s love throughout your day. We’re here to keep your spirits uplifted, 24/7.

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Listen to Aquinas Communications for Inspirational Music and Discussions

Our spiritual radio station has something for everyone in the Dubuque, IA area

Aquinas Communications is an independent, non-profit radio network based in Dubuque, IA. We provide our listeners with music and talk shows to help you through life’s troubling times. Each member of our staff knows how important it is to keep the faith in the midst of the disturbing events occurring in the world today. That’s why we feature soul-edifying programming to keep your spirits elevated.

When you’re searching for a new radio station to keep you company during those long drives, tune in to our Christian radio station.

Contact our spiritual radio network in Dubuque, IA for more information about Catholic radio shows and music.

Our Catholic playlist will breathe life into your day

Aquinas Communications plays all kinds of inspirational material, including:

  • Shows from Relevant Radio and EWTN
  • Talk shows centering on faith, family and marriage
  • Christian music

We also air the Catholic School Spirit Show for parents who are searching for a good school for their little ones. During football season, we play the Notre Dame games. If you’d like to donate to our spiritual radio station or submit a prayer request, please call – we’ll be glad to speak with you.

Call 563-231-1210 to find out how you can submit your prayer request or donation to our Christian radio station in Dubuque, IA.

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